Welcome To UMPES

Modern power systems have evolved rapidly in recent years with high penetration of renewable energy resources such as Photovoltaic, Mini-hydro and Biomass in the power system network. This development posed new challenges in predicting system behavior and controlling the system in safe, effective and efficient manner.

Taking up these challenges, University Malaya Power and Energy System (UMPES) Research Group that was established in early 2010 focused primarily on research related to the integration and maximizing the utilization of Renewable Energy Resources in power system networks.

The objective of this group is to contribute in developing new theories and algorithms to improve power system planning and operation. This objective will be achieved through exploration of fundamental and advanced knowledge in the area of power systems and mathematics.

The research activities are supported by industrial power system software such as PSCAD/EMTDC, DigSilent, and PSSE. Furthermore, the group is also equipped with Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) that enables us to conduct real time analysis.

The research scope includes power system analysis, planning, optimization and system designs in transmission and distribution level.