Celebration 2012-2014


Celebration 2015


Family Day 2016

  Dr. Sayed Safdar Raza 2017
Dr. Sophi farewell party 2017
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Celebration 2012-2014
(Graduate, Birthday and Farewell)





Graduation and Farewell
Dr. Kanendra, Hazwani, Gia Ing and Dr. Amid)
30th September 2015.

Congratulations to Dr Kanendra, Gia Ing and Hazwani for finishing their studies and thank you very much for the wonderful party.  Farewell to Dr Amid.
UMPES Group wishes you all the best.



Reunion & Family Day of Ex-Members
May 28-29, 2016

UMPES group has finally succeeded in organizing a reunion event for the ex-members. The reunion was held at Teluk Senangin, Lumut, Perak.
The activities include barbeque, beach, turtle watching, and visiting house one of the members. By having such this event, the ties between ex-members had further strengthened.
The ex-members together with their family had enjoyed the event. Hopefully, this event can be held again in future.








Graduation and Farewell

Congratulations to Sophi Shilpa Gururajapathy